Local SEO – Is it beneficial for local businesses?


Is Local SEO Important?


You are a small business owner working every hour of every day to drive your business forward, whilst managing many facets to make you successful local SEO falls low down on the list of priorities. You face competition from every angle and the question you ask every day is “how do I generate more sales?”


Everyone wants to promote their business one way or another. Some people prefer using the old referral and word-of-mouth tactic, while many other people are moving towards the new modern techniques for advertisement: the internet. Even on the internet, there are a lot of ways to advertise one’s product or service locally, in this article we address local SEO and give you some useful hints and tips to up your local SEO game!


One of the cheapest ways to advertise a service on the internet is by ranking your product on Google. Most people tend to search for products and services through Google.


If you are one of those people that tend to try to rank your websites on Google, for better and cheaper advertisement, you may have heard of SEO. Search Engine Optimizations are a list of tweaks that are designed to help people rank better on Google.


What is local SEO?


One of the most efficient ways to use SEO for your advertisement is to use them only in places that are interested in your product. Many companies are only interested in making sales in their own towns, and not on a larger scale.

Many people that are using the internet are not interested in buying products or services online either. This is why they prefer to go to a shop or office nearby. This is where local SEO comes in. Local SEO is defined as the techniques and methods that help an article/website rank better locally.


An example is the “Limousines neat me” search or the “Limousines in London” search. Basically, local SEO is a special type of SEO that is designed to help your business rank better locally.




Why is local SEO important?


There are many reasons why so many websites vouch for implementing local SEO techniques instead of the normal SEO techniques. Here are some of them:


Easy to optimize


Local SEO is far easier to optimize than SEO of global ranking. This is because there is less competition when it comes to local SEO. Your only rivals will be local websites like yours, and you won’t have to worry about doing all the things SEO wants you to do. You know your neighboring websites after all, right?


Less expensive Local SEO


Since you need far less effort to optimize for a local SEO, you will definitely need less money to do so too. You will not be wasting resources hiring professional SEO writers, who may or may not be able to rank your website on the first page of Google. After all, most people only look at the first page of a Google search page.


Use Local SEO To Get more customers at your office/shop


According to a report back in 2017, it has been reported that more than 50% of people who did a search for a local shop went to that shop physically on that day. More than 97% of the consumers in the market searched for a local business in a year, and 12% of those people were looking for a local business every day.


If we were to consider these facts, it could simply be found that getting more customers at your office or your shop is easier if you optimize your articles for local SEO.


But if you are an e-commerce business or a shop, you may not want to make your articles optimized for local SEO.





Top Tips for Local SEO


If you are looking to optimize your article or your website for local content, that’s well and good. Here are some of the best local SEO tips that will help you rank your page on the number one page of Google search in local content:


Add location/business info


The first and most simple thing you will want to do is to add location and business info into your website. There are many ways to add location information into your website, but the best and most efficient way is to add your company’s location data on Google Maps. By providing the necessary location to Google Maps, you will make it easier for Google to automatically find your website, if a certain person searches for related data.

For example if you are a restaurant in Atlantis City, a person in Atlantis City who wants to search for restaurants near them would find your restaurant in the search results, provided you have added your restaurant on Google Maps.


Get reviews


If you have ever wanted to buy a product online, you must have wanted to check reviews first, right? The same is the case with websites. The more the website has reviews, the better they will rank on Google and the more the people will be inclined to visit your place/order from you.
There are many ways to get reviews, but the easiest way is to ask all your customers to place a review. You can ask Google to remove fake reviews too, if anyone does try to sabotage your efforts.


Create local content


Another method to obtain a better ranking on Google with respect to local SEO is to create and add local content. Content which is focused on your specific area/town/city will get you better and more accurate traffic.

A great way to do this is to add the surrounding areas inside your website’s article. Like, if you are writing an article for your company in LA, you could add content about the food of LA, and some monuments. Google will read these monuments and try to rank your article better on their searches. Similarly, if people are searching for these specific monuments, they will come across your website too, even if they didn’t want to originally.




Why is local SEO so important


The reason why local SEO is so important is because you will get accurate traffic. You will also rank better and easier on Google, because the keyword difficulty will be less. More people are likely to search for businesses/shops near them, and local SEO is a surefire way to help them find such shops near them. There will be less competition when it comes to local SEO, and you won’t have to deal with large global corporations trying to compete with you.


Another reason why local SEO is so important is that most of the people that search for local shops are very likely to visit them the same day. This can mean an increase in sales from when you had no online presence.



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