Local Lead Generation

Our lead generation services are exclusive to your business. You leads are not shared with 50 other alike companies in a race to the bottom like other lead generation service websites.

Black Diamond Marketing is a performance based lead generation company that makes their clients avoid paying thousands of dollars upfront on search engine optimization, web development or social media marketing that clients do not understand. Black Diamond Marketing is different than many digital marketing agencies out there, as they are performance based with transparent accountability and comprehensive monthly reporting..

A successful lead generation or digital marketing plan takes a lot of planning and work to get the desired results when doing it on one’s own.

Black Diamond Marketing has already built out the sales funnel for numerous industries and can simply starts sending business leads to convert into customers. Clients do not need to wait 6-12 months for their search engine marketing or optimization plan to kick in. They provide targeted ad campaigns, and develop a consistent lead funnel to put a business in the best position to grow.

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