Google My Business Expert-Optimize Your Listing To Increase Sales


Google My Business Expert – Optimize Your Listing To Increase Sales

Why do I need the advice of a Google My Business Expert? If you own or manage as local business with a physical location where your customers/clients need to come visit you in person to do business with you, you need to promote your business in a way that will encourage more customers to visit.

Now, this can be a challenge to some businesses in today’s fast-paced technology driven world, considering that we have so many modes of doing business and transacting online. The vast amount of options available when it comes to digital marketing doesn’t make the decision process easy. However, with Google My Business experts Black Diamond Marketing here to help, we hope to offer guidance and advice to build you GMB listing into the customer attracting power house it should  be!


Claiming Your Google My Business Listing:



  • Use your existing Gmail address to sign in (if you don’t have a Gmail address, you will need to create one)


  • Click on Add Location’ and follow the step by step instructions


  • Type in the name of your business, if your business’ location shows up in a drop-down list, you can select it, if not, continue typing in the full name of your business and click next and follow the steps mentioned on the page and fill out all the information requested for


  • Google My Business Expert tip! – Once you are done filling in all the requested information, click on your Google Business Listing and click on ‘info’ located on the left side and ensure you have all the information filled out correctly




Optimizing You Google My Business Listing


Follow your Google My Business experts in order to increase visibility and improve your online presence on Google for your newly created business listing. You need to optimize it to show up in local Google search results when people search for businesses/products/services in the same industry or niche as yours. This is a part of local search optimization. Black Diamond Marketing, your Google My Business Expert offer a full GMB Optimization service, claim your free audit report HERE.

Below is a basic checklist of what you need to optimize for your Google My Business Listing:


  • Allow Google to publicly display your company/business information


  • Ensure you select all relevant business categories, we recommend a maximum of 5


  • Google My Business Expert tip! – Your business address should be 100% correct, accurate and easy for customers to find it. This is especially important when building citations. You name and address must be exactly the same in each citation. E.g. if you use Rd. instead of ‘Road’ then every listing of your NAP (name, address, phone number) be the same. For more advice regarding building citations contact your Google My Business Experts here!


  • Your Google business listing’s profile picture should be your company/business logo


  • Write a brief description about your business. Ensure to use keywords are within your business description


  • Choose the service areas


  • Ensure that your business operational days and timings are listed


  • List all contact information – phone number, email, website


  • Upload as much visual content of your business as possible (images/videos of your products/services, place of business, team, etc) Google My Business Expert tip! – Remember to Geotag your images. You can get 5 free tags a day at


  • Most importantly ensure that you verify your Google Business Listing. It will only show to the public once it is verified


  • Update your Google business listing on a frequent basis using the posts section to keep people informed and updated on new things about your business


  • Google My Business Expert tip! – Ensure you ask your customers/clients to add a review for your business. The more reviews, the better are chances of your business showing up in search results and positive reviews always add assurance and credibility to your business. It is also important to reply to every single review. We will be publishing an article on how best to respond to negative reviews in the coming weeks


Further Optimization Advice



Finally, we will go into more detail on how best to optimize some of these individual elements for local rankings in further blog posts. In the meantime, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at Your Google My Business experts and we’re here to help!

Your Google My Business Listing is a very powerful digital marketing platform and is an absolute must for all businesses but especially local businesses.

To further optimize and improve your business’s online presence on Google, you should list your business on local business directory websites. The more the business listings you have across the internet, the better are your chances of ranking in Google search results and driving customers/clients to your place of business.


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