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Your Google My Business Experts & Local Marketing Team

A properly managed and executed marketing strategy along with all the other necessary social media presences – can quite literally make the difference between a successful small business and one that fails to grow.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reputable way to grow your online presence and increase sales for your small business, contact Black Diamond Marketing today for a no-obligation consultation.

Black Diamond Marketing - Google My Business

What Do We Do?

After consulting with a new client, Black Diamond Marketing runs extensive keyword and audience research to discover which platform will provide the most productive and cost-effective leads for your business.

We have clients in various niches such as; plumbing, electrical contractors,  gym & fitness, martial arts, chiropractors, dentists, yoga clinics & plastic surgeons to name but a few. 

Below are just some of the methods we use to generate leads for our clients.


Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search engine advertising on Google Ads is our primary main lead generation service. We’re a Google Partner Agency and our consultants have managed millions of pounds of advertising spend on Google’s search network. We know what it takes to generate leads from Google in the most competitive and complex business areas.

Social Media Advertising

We use social media advertising on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to pinpoint your target audience and reach them with engaging content. Social media ads let you put your brand in front of your target customers before they start to search for your products and services, giving you a competitive advantage.



If your product or service is complex or there is a lot of competition in your industry it’s likely your website visitors will convert into leads on their first visit to your site. We use retargeting technology to display advertising to visitors who have come to your site who we didn’t convert into a lead. Maximising your repeat visits and leads.

B2B Lead Generation

Marketing B2B products and services in a science and an art-form. You need to reach not only the right organisations but the right people within those organisations, and at the right time. More often than not we find that when those people come to look for what you’re selling, they start with a Google search. We work out exactly what keywords they’re searching for and use Google Ads to drive those visitors to your website. Once they’re on your site we optimise your pages to maximise the number of visitors who get converted into leads. We can also reach your exact target customer base through LinkedIn Advertising and retargeting.

B2C Lead Generation

If you need to generate B2C leads we can offer a range of lead generation solutions to drive highly targeted visitors to your website and convert them into new business enquiries. This starts with search engine advertising on Google and Bing but we can also reach your target audience on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or by advertising to them on content sites like YouTube or their favourite newspapers.

Google My Business experts - Reporting

Detailed Reports

We believe in making the complex world of online marketing as simple for you as possible. Our lead generation reports cut through the data jungle and show you just the headline stats you really care about. We present an accurate cost per lead and return on investment figure so you know exactly where you money is being spent and what leads its bringing in.

Phone Lead Tracking

If you run an inbound call centre to deal with new business leads we can implement a call tracking system which will help you attribute leads which come in by phone back to the advertising channel which sent that customer to your website. This lets us accurately measure the effectiveness of all your lead generation campaigns both online or offline.

Google Facts

0 %
of Google searches choose a business from the 1st page
0 %
of Google searches are looking for information
0 %
of local customers use search engines to find information on businesses
0 %
of customers learn more about a business online than anywhere else
0 %
of searches for local businesses on mobile result with a call or visit within 24 hours

What is Google My Business?

Ensuring that your potential customers can easily find details about your business in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is an integral part of local SEO. Google My Business (GMB) is the most powerful way of ensuring you appear in locally based search results. It will also enable your business details to appear in a dedicated Google My Business listing to the right of the search results when people conduct brand related searches (this includes details such as your logo, address, phone number, customer reviews, opening hours and photos). This lets your potential customers know precisely who you are, what you offer, and where they can find you.

Your potential customers want to locate the information they need about your business as efficiently and effectively as possible and Google My Business is the best way to allow them to do this. In local SEO terms it’s an absolute must.

Google My Business Expert Facts

0 %
more likely to vistit/contact/make a purchase with a fully optimizied GMB page.
0 %
of customers use Google to find information on local purchases, much of which is from their GMB page.
0 %
of customers trust online reviews the same or more than personal reccommendations
0 %
look up locations of local businesses on Google Maps (often via the GMB page)

Fully optimizied GMB pages generate 700% more clicks and enquiries than unclaimed and partially completed GMB pages. Black Diamond Marketing – Your Google My Business Experts

Why is Google My Business
important for Local SEO?

Searches conducted with local intent are far more likely to result in visits, both to your premises and to your website, ultimately resulting in a positive impact on sales and conversions. This is because local SEO strategies reach a clearly targeted local audience often looking for a local business.

As Google My Business can also positively contribute to the establishment of your brand’s credibility, up to date strategies can be implemented in order to build your brand and cement your online presence. The result is your brand will become visible to all those who want to find you through search, whether that’s through brand-related search or locally based keywords with user intent. 

With increasing numbers of people turning to the internet for reviews and opinions as part of their research process before committing to making a purchase, securing online reviews for your business is an excellent way to stand out from your competition. We will help you make it as simple as possible for your customers to leave reviews (by taking steps to integrate such calls to action within email marketing strategies for example). This will place your business in the strongest position possible for positively influencing the purchasing decisions of your future potential customers.

Contact Black Diamond Marketing, your Google My Business Experts for a free strategy session on how to improve your online presence today!